Technical Excursion

For Wednesday afternoon (April 24, 2013) four technical excursions that may be chosen alternatively are envisaged. All of them include a short stop during the bus trip to Vienna at the world-famous Schönbrunn castle to cast a glance at it from outside. At the end of the excursions A, B and C a short trip on the Ringstrasse with hired trams will be undertaken, passing the Opera House, the Parliament, the Burgtheater and the Town Hall, to bring the participants to the evening gala dinner, while those taking excursion D will take the bus for that purpose..

Excursion A: Training center Wörth of  ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways)

The largest training center of ÖBB is situated in the south of St.Pölten. It serves for instruction and and training of several railway professions. Of special interest are the halls with partly dismantled locomotives and wagons as well as demonstration objects of civil engineering in railway construction, the instruction signal boxes of different technologies - from mechanical to electronic - that control a model railway installation, and last but not least various locomotive-driving simulators, among them a replica-simulator with a movement system that reproduces the train's vibrations, accelerations and gradients.

Excursion B: Vienna Main Station building site and Center of Operations

The Operation Center East  is just a few hundert meters distant from the huge building site for the new Main Station of Vienna to be opened fully in December 2014. It is used to dispose, control and secure a big part of rail traffic in eastern Austria. The Main Station building site may be overseen perfectly from the top of a wooden look-out tower with elevators, erected just for this purpose.

Excursion C: Vienna Underground Control Center Erdberg

Situated within the equally named subway station and depot in a modern building with elliptic footprint, it serves to control and monitor all train traffic operations as well as the remote control of  electric power supply and station operation, all of which is performed by a staff of 50.

Excursion D: Bombardier Transportation's Vienna plant

Bombardier Transportation is global leader in the light rail segment and currently employs about 700 employees at its Vienna site. The company Lohnerwerke founded in 1823 was acquired by Bombardier in 1970 and formed the starting point of Bombardier Transportation. A center of competence for light vehicles is located here and vehicles are developed and manufactured for the entire world. To date 1,224 low-floor vehicles have been sold globally. Moreover, the business unit propulsion and control as well as the services division are represented at this site. The mainline sector of Bombardier plays a significant role. A total of 188 Talent trains form the backbone of Austrian commuter and regional traffic. We will start the site visit with a short company presentation giving you an overview of the Vienna site, viz. history, products and capabilities. Then we will show you how trams are produced at our site explaining the individual steps leading to a complete vehicle.

Social Evening in St. Pölten

We have organized an optional programme for you and kindly invite you to join us at the "Wine tasting evening" on Thursday, April 25, 2013 in St. Pölten where you will have the possibility to taste a selection of typical Austrian wines from the region.

The costs per person are € 25,--